Harvest is just around the corner and with that comes some important record keeping for crop insurance purposes. Within the next month you will be receiving your 2022 production reporting forms in your mailbox. These are due back to our office no later than December 1 regardless if you have a claim or not.

What kind of information will we need for your production?

First is the actual production either in bushels per acre or total bushels per unit. Second, we will need you to designate by a letter code a Record Type for this production; i.e, Sold/Commercial storage, Farm Stored/Measured by Insured, etc. There are codes listed at the bottom by a designated letter on each page listing the different code types. Third, is to sign and date after you have completed the form and return to our office in a timely manner.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before and during harvest.

  • If you will be storing grain in a bin that will also have leftover 2021 crop in it CONTACT the office BEFORE you do so that we can get a starting measurement. Failure to do so may jeopardize any potential loss.
  • If you think there is a possibility of having a loss, contact us as soon as possible. There is a time deadline to enter losses, either bushel losses or revenue losses.
  • If you have not finished harvesting all of your crops by December 1 please contact the office. Your insurance coverage ends in December. While you can still harvest in December, an adjuster will need to come and see the remaining fields in order for any losses to be worked.
  • Turn in your completed and signed production form as soon as you have completed harvest, but no later than December 1. By doing so will allow you/us to detect any losses that may have been missed.

If you are harvesting double crop soybeans make sure to keep separate records of that production and report them with all your other production regardless if you had them insured or not. Having this proven production will be to your advantage in the event that you obtain double crop coverage for the 2023 crop year. As always, if you have any questions, please contact the office.

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