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  Every spring during planting season it’s always the hope of producers that Mother Nature will provide perfect growing conditions. Temperatures that aren’t too hot or too cold. Rains that come gently just when our crops need it. But we know that’s not how it works. After planting if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate it can cause conditions in which producers may need to replant all or part of their crop. Below are some commonly asked questions about replant.


Q: How does replant work with my crop insurance policy?

A: Crop insurance pays for every acre replanted after you meet the “20/20” rule. You must have to plant at least twenty acres of a crop in a unit or twenty percent of that unit. For example: If Bob planted 70 acres of corn in a unit, he must replant 14 acres to be compensated for replanting.

Note: If you have the additional replant option on your policy, there is no limitation on the number of acres needed to qualify to replant.


Q: When do I need to call to let you know I need to replant?

A: If you are scouting fields and you think there is at all a chance you may need to replant, give us a call so we can enter a replant notice on your behalf. An adjuster will then contact you to go over how to proceed. Please wait to hear from an adjuster before replanting. If the crop ends up coming up and looking great, we can always close a replant claim.

The simple answer to this question: the sooner, the better.


Q: What does replant pay?

A: This amount varies by crop. The calculations for each crop stay the same from year to year.

Corn – Eight times the spring price guarantee ($5.91): $47.28/acre

Soybeans – Three times the spring price guarantee ($13.76): $41.28/acre

Grain Sorghum – Seven times the spring price guarantee ($5.84): $40.88/acre
Note: If you have the additional replant option on your policy, you will get paid the above prices plus the extra price option you elected.


Q: When does it pay?

A: Replant payments are made once the producer submits their acreage report and we input the report to the appropriate AIP.


As always, we are here to help you with your risk management needs. If you ever have any questions feel free to call your agent or the office.


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