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According to an article written by Lester Vough, an extension forage crop specialist from Maryland, the value of drought stressed corn silage is nearly the same as well eared silage due to its higher protein and slightly lower TDN.

Iowa State and South Dakota University have both done research that shows the value of silage per ton should be 10 times the bushel price of corn. In other words if corn is selling for $6 per bushel then silage should be selling for $60 per ton.  In our area, Central Missouri, $40 – 60 per ton seems to be the going rate depending on quality and amount of ears on the stalk. Ultimately prices will determined by geographic location and the demand from the dairy and beef industry.

If you are trying to guess the tonnage of silage for your fields, try this unscientific method. For every foot of plant height of barren (no ears) stalks figure 1 ton per acre. If your corn has little or no ears and is on average 6 foot tall then it should make 6 ton of silage per acre. The more ears and the more grain will increase tonnage considerably.

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