Summertime Reminders

  2023 planting came early this year and left many of us nearly finished by mid-May. While it was convenient to have several days in a row of nice planting weather, many places are now facing drought conditions. As we move into summer below are some important reminders.

  • Call our office before you replant. If you suspect you need to replant for any reason, give our office a call first. Every crop insurance policy has basic replant payments built into the policy. Calling prior to replanting any acres allows for an adjuster to give you the “go head” so you don’t jeopardize any potential payments. This year basic corn replant pays $47/acre and soybeans pay $44/acre.
  • Do not destroy a crop without consent. With drier conditions in the area thoughts of hay shortages do arise. This can also mean more people think about mowing down wheat for haylage. If you are considering not taking your insured wheat to grain, please call our office first. You are required to receive an appraisal from an adjuster prior to doing so.
  • Report your spring planted crops to our office AND you local FSA prior to July 15. Which office you report to first does not matter, but we are happy to send your information along to FSA when you report with us first. Regardless, you’ll still have to visit both places to sign paperwork.
  • Review your Schedule of Insurance (SOI). After you have reported your plantings, you will receive a SOI in the mail shortly after. It is important to review this document for accuracy. You should confirm the correct crop and number of acres are reported to the correct farm/unit. This document will also show your insurance premium, but you won’t be sent a bill until August.

  These are just a few things to keep in mind as we move into summer. As always if you have any concerns about your crops or need to report damage to a crop, please contact our office.


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