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New Livestock Antibiotic Regulations

  Beginning June 11, 2023 many antibiotic medications that were previously available over the counter will now require a veterinary prescription. This change comes as an extension of the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) from the FDA Guidance #263. Examples of some medications that will be affected are oxytetracyclines, penicillin, and sulfa-based antibiotics.

  The biggest change will be you can’t buy these items at farm and home stores. If you have a working relationship with your veterinarian, essentially nothing will affect you. Keeping a working relationship with your vet will help them to understand your herd health practices and easily prescribe you the medications needed. While this does add a small step in the process of caring for your cattle, it can help confidently ensure consumers we are properly and efficiently caring for their food supply.

  If you have any questions on these new Antibiotic Regulations, visit the link below or contact your local veterinarian.


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