Earlier this summer the Biden administration, through USDA, expanded double crop coverage for soybeans and grain sorghum in response to shortages of wheat and other commodities caused by the war in Ukraine. Their hope is that farmers will plant wheat this fall and then follow that with soybeans next spring. This expansion includes all counties in Missouri that currently do not have double crop soybean coverage. It also expanded double crop coverage for grain sorghum in selected counties in central and western Missouri.

A producer wishing to obtain double crop coverage will have to a written agreement done before July 15. USDA/RMA has streamlined the process to make qualifying for coverage a lot easier and they are not requiring any past history of double crop. The rollout of this new coverage has happened so fast, we are still waiting on clarifications of the rules from RMA. If you are thinking of growing and insuring double crop soybeans or grain sorghum next year we urge you to contact our office so we can develop a plan to meet your operation’s needs.

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