To ensure you crop policy is ready for spring planting, please review the below checklist to make sure you are being properly protected this year. As a reminder, all changes must be made by March 15th.

Have you reviewed your coverage levels for the upcoming year?
__This includes your coverage per acre and bushel guarantee.
__Do you have enough coverage, either bushels or dollars, for the coming year?
__Have you reviewed the crop insurance options available to see how they could benefit your operation?
__Have you signed up for our text alerts to receive up to date important information regarding replant, plant dates, acreage reporting deadlines and more?
If you answered no to any of the items please contact our office before March 15 so we can assist you in completing these items.
__Are you breaking out any new ground that has previously not been cropped?
__Is any ground in your farming operation changing?
__Are you gaining new acreage? Are you farming in a new county? Have you lost any acreage from prior years?
__Have there been any entity changes to your policy?
__Has your martial status changed? Have you created a new entity (LLC, Trust, etc.) for your
operation? Are there people who have interest in your entity listed/not listed on your policy?
If you answered yes to any of the items please contact our office before March 15 make the proper changes to your policy.

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